Flower Care

Taking proper care of your flowers will prolong their life and keep them looking healthy for as long as possible.

Keeping your flowers looking their best

At field of florals By Renae, Renae understands that caring for your florals will make them last longer for you to enjoy. Most florals can last 1-3 weeks if cared for with love.

When you receive your Florals, if received wrapped, remove the wrapping and any foliage that will sit below water level and place in a clean vase. Make sure the vase is clean to prevent bacteria from forming and shortening your florals life span. Cut the stems on an angle and change water every second day, remove any spent florals and repeat this process for your florals life span. Keep your florals away from direct airflow, sunlight and fruit as they all shorten your florals life span. These few simple steps can see you enjoy your florals longer.